Transaction services

When there are changes in the ownership or funding of your company you want to know what the liability and environmental implications are. An Environmental Due Dilligence audit identifies these implications.

Environmental Due Dilligence (EDD) is key to the services we provide around the globe with regard to the sale, purchase and restructuring of company assets. We are a leading European consultancy and together with COWI and SKM Enviros we form the CAT Alliance. With over 10,000 professionals, the CAT Alliance is one of the largest EDD audit service providers. In recent years, we have performed EDD audits for numerous companies, investors and intermediaries. Where necessary or desirable, we supplement this with structural engineering research and studies in the areas of sustainability, safety, and working conditions.

As the information involved is often confidential and sensitive, your EDD consultant should obviously meet certain requirements. Trust is key here. We take care of your concerns by making clear arrangements and adopting a practical approach, considering both the conclusion of the transaction in the short term and the consequences and interests in the long run. In other words, Tauw Takes Care!