Soil policy & risk assessment

Soil policy legislation and regulations keep changing. This may have consequences for your organization. Sometimes even without you being aware of this. You will then benefit from a pro-active adviser who keeps up to date with the latest developments, legislation and guidelines. An adviser who keeps you informed about matters that are relevant to you.

Tauw soil specialists analyse and anticipate the consequences of the latest developments with regard to implementation. This is how we make sure that our advice is in accordance with the latest requirements and frameworks.

Strategic advice
We give strategic advice to companies as well as authorities. The advice may include feasibility tests or setting up tools for the implementation of a new policy (in-company training courses, manuals, guidelines, work rules, organizational solutions). We also have in-depth legal knowledge and experience, enabling us to give a clear picture of changes in your legal status or that of others and the associated legal obligations and responsibilities.

We carry out both land and water soil risk assessments, investigate site-specific decontamination criteria, assess whether the desired development of the area is feasible, and determine which (temporary) measures must be taken in relation to this. It is often possible to prevent unnecessary decontamination activities on the basis of the test results. Tauw can also carry out a risk analysis for you using the most important international risk models. In the case of substances for which standard test values are not available we can deduce a value for you based on toxicological data.

From strategic advice to risk analyses: we make sure your company stays up to date on matters relating to soil. In short, Tauw Takes Care!