Soil decontamination

When the soil is contaminated it may be necessary to take action. Whether it is necessary to take action, and the kind of action to be taken, depends on the degree of contamination, the relevant legislation and regulations and the (future) use of the site.

Our experienced advisers will develop a decontamination strategy that meets your needs and the requirements of the relevant legislation and regulations. Innovative and sustainable measures are an integral part of the range of solutions and can be applied as required.

Decontamination strategy
Each variant of decontamination has its own approach and costs. The choice of a desired decontamination strategy is often not just a matter of costs. With a framework which is in accordance with your needs we choose the strategy to be followed together with you based on aspects such as costs, sustainability and pollution.

Tauw is a soil expert and provides support in all stages of research and planning, drawing up contracts, realization and supervision of soil decontamination. Tauw Takes Care!