Soil analysis

Annually, Tauw carries out hundreds of soil surveys for companies. Reasons for this are usually environmental licensing requirements, groundwork or the authorities. A soil survey is often an afterthought in the process of acquisition or the transaction process of company sites.

If analysis shows evidence of soil contamination it often triggers a discussion with the relevant authorities resulting in the building or transaction process being delayed and substantial unforeseen costs.

Tauw carries out soil surveys in accordance with current regulations and standards taking into account the objectives and interests of your company. Our knowledge, experience and reputation in this field often leads to direct acceptance and approval of the soil survey by the relevant authorities.

Soil advice
Tauw soil experts keep a close track of technical and policy developments and apply this knowledge in their soil advice. Partly thanks to the use of new techniques and smart research strategies we carry out soil surveys in a cost-effective way.

The soil surveys we carry out for companies have one thing in common: a customized research strategy taking into account safety and physical restrictions within the company site. We will take all this work off your hands and support you in negotiations with third parties, or discussions with the relevant authorities. Tauw Takes Care!