Soil contamination

You may be held liable for soil or groundwater contamination on your company premises. If you are liable, this will decrease the value of your company. After all, you will incur costs in the near future to clean up the contamination, while these costs have to be shown in the balance sheet as a provision now. It is therefore important to determine the scope of your liability whilst simultaneously taking advantage of the opportunities to limit this liability.

Supporting you in making strategic choices aimed at limiting your liability is an important part of our services. In addition, we deal with soil contamination in a cost-efficient way. Remediation aimed at reducing risks rather than completely removing the contamination is increasingly accepted by governments. By applying advanced on-site technology, you can reduce remediation costs significantly.

For 30 years we have been a leading European player in the field of soil and groundwater contamination, regarded by governments as a reliable expert. We are involved in policy formulation around the globe and take care of concerns from multinationals by resolving and reducing their contamination liabilities. From strategy to remediation, Tauw Takes Care!