Site development

Your company is constantly changing. Changes in rules and regulations or market conditions will often cause you to consider whether your business location remains ideally suited for achieving your objectives. At the same time decisions about adaptations do not happen overnight.

In the complex process of redeveloping business locations, careful preparation leads to efficient implementation. We ensure that you know well in advance which permits you need and which environmental and safety rules and regulations you have to comply with. Additionally, you have your own guidelines and ambitions. We put everything together and provide integrated advice. We support the entire process from planning to realisation.

When acquiring and developing a new location other factors also come into play, such as selecting the right location, buying the land and laying out the site. We can advise and support you in all these areas. The same goes for closing down business sites and restarting at a new location. These developments have their own specific characteristics and dynamics.

We are regarded by governments as a highly respected and reliable consultancy. Whether it is the development of your current or a new location, we adopt a careful, pragmatic and efficient approach in order to address all your concerns. Tauw Takes Care.