Measuring & Monitoring

There may be various reasons to measure the environmental aspects of your operational management. Licensing regulations or the environmental care system for example require you to produce figures proving that the activities of your company are in compliance with legislation and regulations. A calamity may also be a reason to carry out on-the-spot inspections without delay (for example in response to odour or dangerous substances). Perhaps you want to explore possibilities for expanding your production site (for example by carrying out a noise and vibration survey), or you want to carry out guarantee measurements or simply save on costs (for example in the case of discharge charges or energy consumption).

We carry out all sorts of measurements in the field of health and safety, energy and the environment. In order to do this we have at our disposal state of the art measuring apparatus and experienced specialists. We use cost-effective measuring methods and can also test the measurement results in accordance with models. If measurements indicate non-compliance we will use our legal and technical expertise to solve your problem. Tauw Takes Care!