Compliance management

Environmental licences, Environmental Action Plans and Health and Safety legislation contain the most important rules for companies in the field of safety and the environment. Being and remaining in compliance with this legislation is vital for the continuity of your company. That way environmental and safety rules are adequately implemented in business operations and will also be observed on the shop floor.

A great deal of the national Health, Safety & Environment legislation originates in European legislation and regulations. Despite the desire for deregulation, the regulations for larger companies are becoming more complex and stricter. Identifying and implementing new legislation demands a lot from companies.

We give support in identifying relevant legislation and regulations. Thanks to our knowledge of specific industrial sectors we will be able to determine which legislation is applicable.

We provide insight into the the discrepancy between the desired situation and the actual situation on the shop floor by means of a compliance audit. In addition it is often necessary or compulsory to carry out compliance measurements in the field of air, noise or wastewater.

Once the degree of compliance has been determined, we assist you in carrying out surveys, applying for licences and implementing HSE standards.

Finally we can integrate the compliance management into your existing management system or assist you with the selection and implementation of a new management system. 

In our compliance management infographic, you can see in a blink of an eye what the added value of compliance management is for you. Download the infographic (pdf) here.