Complying with rules and regulations gives your company a license to operate. Maintaining compliance is therefore of vital importance, while posing a challenge at the same time. After all, governments are tightening up their enforcement, legislation is constantly changing, consumers are becoming more demanding, and compliance is increasingly monitored in the supply chain.

Anticipating changes in rules and regulations well in advance gives you time and space to take the right decisions and avoid unnecessary costs. This means you need to be able to rely on a consultant with the relevant expertise and dedication. Because we have all the required expertise, we promise to take care of all your concerns, whether it is an application for a permit or overall compliance management.

Governments generally regard us as a professional partner when it comes to compliance. This position allows us to support you in your dealings with the authorities. We are aware of changes in rules and regulations at an early stage.. Based on this information we can advise you on measures you may need to take to remain compliant. We also measure and monitor, if so desired, all environmental and safety aspects of your company and provide technical advice on preventing and resolving non-compliance situations. Tauw provides customised and creative solutions, also on an interim basis. Tauw Takes Care!